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Turn Missed Calls Into Your New Clients.

Stop wasting time on voicemails,unqualified leads and calling back customers who have "already found someone else".

Tradesmen AI texts back every missed call, vets every lead and gets you new clients, without you having to lift a finger.

TradesmenAI Robot

"A busy trade business owners dream!" - Steve

Tried and Trusted by over 200 UK Tradesmen.

So, how does it work?


Call is missed

When you can't answer, we've got you covered. Our service instantly detects missed calls each and every time. We get it, you're talking to a customer, your phone is in the van, you're up a ladder, on a roof, or simply can't hear a call over all those power tools, but that's not what a new customer thinks. They will be calling the next tradesmen on Google in seconds, losing you potential work within minutes.


Message sent

Our AI springs into action within seconds, apologizing and asking how you can assist them, all before they call the next name on Google. This message greets them, apologizes, and asks how can I help?


Information gathered

Our AI chats to your customer, turning a-once-missed-call into a red hot lead who's ready to buy from your business, all without you lifting a finger.... All that is left for you to do is call the customer back later and secure them!

The Cost Of A Missed Call


Call to Lead Ratio


Lead To Sale Ratio


5 Missed Calls
= 1 lost sale

How Is Your Business Being Affected?

Using a Bathroom Fitter as an example.

With a UK average of £3000 of labour for a full renovation.

Every Missed Call Is Costing You £600..

However this isn't the whole story..

When missing calls you also;

- Lose Out On Customer Referrals Via Word Of Mouth.

- Miss Out On Creating Loyal, Returning Customers.

- Limit Customer Lifetime Value.

- Devalue Your Business With Slow, Unreliable Customer Service.


Our Clients Say

"TradesmenAI is the real deal. It handles missed calls like a pro, understands customers, and sets up appointments. Saved me time and boosted my customer base!"

James - London

Missed Call Facts


Of missed calls won't call back, they will phone someone your competitor.


Your AI answers every call.

1 in 3

Potential customers will have already found someone else by the time you call back.


Your AI will eliminate this entirely.


The average amount lost every time a call is missed across all trades.


TradesmenAI saves you time and money.

1 hr

The average amount of time spent vetting and calling back potential customers per day.


Let TradesmenAI do this for you.


We know you have questions, head to our FAQ page below to get them answered! Can't find the answer you are looking for? Feel free to contact us here.

Join for your..

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