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My Story

Hey there, fellow trade aficionados!


Welcome to our corner of the digital universe, where we're all about turning missed opportunities into ringing success stories.

But wait, who's behind this genius creation? Well, that would be yours truly, Dan.

The Genesis of the Tradesmen AI

Picture this: a young Dan, a guy who'd spent 7 glorious years in a plumbers' merchant and then took a two-year sabbatical (okay, maybe not a sabbatical, but let's call it that) in a bathroom showroom. You might say I've seen it all - from leaking faucets to extravagant marble bathtubs.

But during those years, I noticed something. Trade professionals, like you, were missing out on something huge. Something that could transform the way you do business, save time, and rescue those missed calls from the abyss.

The Eureka Moment

One day, while gazing at a pristine porcelain throne (yes, seriously), it hit me like a ton of bricks (well, not literally, thankfully). What if there was a way to automatically engage potential customers who dialed your number while you were elbow-deep in a plumbing problem or discussing the merits of a rainfall showerhead?

Enter TradesmenAI


And that's when the Tradesmen AI was born – an ingenious system that uses the power of AI to text back missed calls with the charm and professionalism of your own personal assistant. No more frantic call backs, no more lost opportunities, and definitely no more losing business to someone else.

Our Mission


At Tradesmen AI, we're on a mission to give you the freedom to focus on what you do best – delivering top-notch services to your clients. We're here to make sure you never miss a potential customer's call again, all while you do the heavy lifting in the trades industry.

Join Our Journey


So, there you have it - the story of how a former plumber merchant and bathroom aficionado stumbled upon a game-changing solution for tradesmen like you. We invite you to explore our world, see how Tradesmen AI can transform your business, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Ready to rescue those missed calls and unlock new opportunities? 

Sign up for your 7 day free trial below!

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